Thick Paint art by Melisa e Phillips  
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50/50 photo-art series
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50 small art works in 5o days: Juried Show at the Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica CA
My Showpiece: 50 daily photos of San Francisco architecture
Day #1: June 17th, 2013
Day #50: August 5th, 2013
Gallery Show of all 50 by each artist: August 23, 2013-September 29th
, 2013

50 50 show announcement 50 50 show program 50 50 show display

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Day One: the Conservatory of FlowersDay Two: Look up & Escape!Day Four: Surprising Four Heads!Day3 Sunset CrownDay Five: Modern SquaresDay six - Powerhouse WindowsDay Seven: Healing GreenDay Nine: Urban PatternsDay Ten: Cliff HouseDay Eleven: Kissling RustDay Twelve: It's what's inside that countsDay Thirteen: Circle Love!Day Fourteen: Victorian CharmDay Fifteen: Future AspirationsDay Sixteen: Light PlayDay Seventeen: Seeing the Bigger PictureDay Eighteen: 4th of July!Day Nineteen: Bay WindowsDay Twenty: Legion StrengthDay Twenty-One: Mission FlowerDay Twenty-Two: Downtown JungleDay Twenty-Three: Rising AboveDay Twenty-Four: Metal ReflectionsDay Twenty-Five: Pyramid Power!Day Twenty-Six: Blushing BeautyDay Twenty-Seven: La Vie Boheme!Day Twenty-Eight: Today for Me!Day Twenty-Nine: Learning to Zig-ZagDay Thirty: Endless Options!Day Thirty-One: Brick by BrickDay Thirty-Two: Read a Book!Day Thirty-three: Awesome AwningDay Thirty-Four: Power PlayDay Thirty-Five: Island BarsDay Thirty-Six: Doris Day!Day Thirty-Seven: Window TreatmentDay Thirty-Eight: He waits for the MDay Thirty-Nine: Going in Style! Day Forty: O Palace, My Palace!Day Forty-One: Primary WaveDay Forty-Two: Pretty Amazing Stairs! Day Forty-Three: Seeing Stars! Day Forty-Five: Seeing Through it AllDay Forty-Five: Colorful Pointy Bits! Day Forty-Six: Green Star!Day Forty-Seven: Dancing Horses!It's A Living!Day Forty-Nine: The Big Sky!

Day 50 - it had to be you
THE NEXT 50 phot0-art series
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While working on the images for my 50/50 show I found that 50 images were just not enough so I continued and created my "Next 50" more images of San Francisco architecture
Day Fifty-One, by request  - The Golden Great, more like!!Day Fifty-Two: How many feet? Day Fifty-Three: Balcony Bonus! Day Fifty-Four: Up & around, again!Day Fifty-Five: Lucky Lines!Day Fifty-Six: Surprise Flower! Day Fifty-Seven: Back to the Start! Day Fifty-Eight: Library Lights!Day Fifty-Nine: Beetle-mania for Marla! Day Fifty-Nine, pt 2: Magnificent Archways! Day Sixty: Forever Young! Day Sixty-One: North Beach Line UpDay Sixty-Two: Sunny Halo! Day Sixty-Three: SF Gothic!Day Sixty-Four: Voila! Voila!Day Sixty-Five: SF Love & HaightDay Sixty-Six: the Sun Above!Day Sixty-Seven: 2 Corners ConnectDay Sixty-Eight: Show Flowers!Day Sixty-Nine: The Love Chapel! Day Seventy: A wave from the Palace! Day Seventy-One: Blue Studio SquaresDay Seventy-Two: Embarcadero, Titanic-StyleDay Seventy-Three: Time for a close-up!! Day Seventy-Four: Sunny Gate! Day Seventy-Five: Cathedral Colors!Day Seventy-Six: Brick YorkDay Seventy-Seven: Better Late Than Never! Day Seventy-Eight: Labor Day Tilt!Day Seventy-Nine: It's all in the details! Day Eighty: Square Fun! Day Eighty-One: Apartment Envy!Day Eighty-Two: New Bay Bridge!Day Eighty-Three: Open Windows! Day Eighty-Four: Sunday Flowers! Day Eighty-Five: Duboce Park Sunshine!Day Eighty-Six: Keep Shiny! Day Eighty-Seven, on 9/11: Peace by Peace! Day Eighty-Eight: Mighty mighty! Day Eighty-Nine: Escape with Me!Day Ninety: Is it cool on your Island? Day Ninety-One: Signs of Life! Day Ninety-Two: Monday Mush!Day Ninety-Three: Fancy Topper!Day Ninety-Four: Care to Play? Day Ninety-Five: Howling at the Moon!Day Ninety-Six: In-spired!! Day Ninety-Seven: More Ways to Escape! Day Ninety-Eight: True BlueDay Ninety-Nine: Bath WallsDay One-Hundred: Saying Grace!
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I've always taken lots of photos of random things to use as inspiration for my paintings & other art pieces. Recently, thanks to the app InstaGram, I've started to share my photography with a wider audience. I love doing extreme close-ups & cropping pics to show surprising lines & angles. I enjoy making people see things differently through my lens.

Afternoon Sun - photo  by Melisa e PhilllipsBox Houes - photo by Melisa e Phillips Bay Windows - photo by Melisa e PhillipsColl Ride - photo by Melisa e PhilllipsBuilding Zig Zag - Photo by Melisa e PhillipsCreeping Fog - photo by Melisa e PhillipsCorner Blue - photo by Melias e PhillipsDriving Fields - photo by Melisa e PhillipsBehind Me - photo by Melisa e PhillipsCement Bloom - photo by Melisa e PhillipsCable Car Spin - photo by Melisa e PhillipsDowntown Colors - photo by Melisa e PhilllipsFree Dome - photo by Melisa e PhillipsFree Ride - photo by Melisa e PhillipsEscape Route - photo by Melisa e PhillipsGrid Over Me - photo by Melisa e PhillipsKeys From Nice - photo by Melisa e PhillipsLooking Up - photo by Melisa e PhillipsMechanic's Spiral - photo by Melisa e PhilllipsMom's Fork - photo by Melisa e PhillipsOld Lock - photo by Melisa e PhillipsOver Blue - photo by Melisa e PhillipsReflections - photo by Melisa e PhillipsShadow Play - photo by Melisa e PhillipsSunset Crown - photo by Melisa e PhillipsYellow Spin - photo by Melisa e PhillipsForever Squares - photo by Melisa e PhillipsGold Bug Wheel - photo by Melisa e PhillipsSwing - photo by Melisa e PhillipsGo Round - photo by Melisa e PhillipsHammond Cabin Camp Cazadero - photo by Melisa e PhillipsMission Flowers - photo by Melisa e PhillipsOn Ramp - photo by Melisa e PhillipsSucculent Spin - photo by Melisa e PhillipsOpen Tables - Camp Cazadero - photo by Melisa e PhillipsSunshine - photo by Melisa e PhillipsSwing - photo by Melisa e PhillipsTravel Ties - photo by Melisa e Phillips


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I was painting white letters in guesso primer paint as texture on canvas with the intention of painting over them with color. I liked how the white on white  gave such a clean look with slight texture like wainscoting an old house/apartment walls & decided to leave them that way.
Bad Start - painting by Melisa e PhillipsClean Slate - painting by Melisa e PhillipsClean Start - painting by Melis e PhillipsNew Start - painting by Melisa e PhillipsOver a Bad Start - painting by Melisa e Phillips


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In my Quick Swipe series, my paintwork goes fully abstract. Using a palette knife & oil paint I spread the drips of paint with quick swiping motions, allowing whatever shapes to be formed. Like a Rorschach ( ink blot) Test, I can't help but imagine i see figures, birds & faces in the quick paint swipe. Painting this series is fun for me, because the painting is free, physical & not planned; they are created intuitively, one color to the next.
Caged or Free - painting by Melisa e PhillipsHillside Swipe - painting by Melisa e PhillipsMothra Returns - painting by Melisa e PhilipsOther Side - painting by Melisa e PhillipsPoinsetia -Rain or Shine- painting by Melisa e PhillipsTorn Plaid - painting by Melisa e PhillipsGodspeed - painting by Melisa e Phillips


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As I was using alpha-numeric stencils in my last series, I would tape the stencils down, paint over the tape & then pull the tape off.  In this series, I started liking the look/texture that the tape produced on the canvas.  Leaving the tape on the canvas gave an additional layer & focal point to the images.
Drone Dreams - painting by Melisa e PhillipsIsland Cool - painting by Melisa e PhilllipsLoves M, Loves Me Not Not- painting by Melisa e PhillipsStrip Show - painting by Melisa e PhilllipsSkip Happy - painting by Melisa e Phillips


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For a while, I have been doodling this geometric pattern in my sketch books & enjoying the meditative, labyrinthine quality of the connecting lines.  In this series I brought that pattern to canvas, and experimented with how the lines worked in paint.


Chico Summer - paintong by Melisa e PhillipsAdvanced Games - painting by Melisa e PhilllipsEndlessLatticework Man - paionting by Melisa e PhillipsNude Design - painting by Melisa e PhillipsPassing Glances - painting by Melisa e PhilllipsThose Sampson Days - painting by Melisa e Phillips




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In addition to Blind Contour Drawings in my paintings, in this series I started adding random alpha-numeric stencils to the compositions.  The stencils add a depth to the paintings, sometimes as a background pattern, and in other times layering over the drawings, hiding parts of the image from view.

A Path ThroughBlind RadioBoxed InCoffee House GroupCrowd SceneDrip TreesPlind DateElectric ChargeHis Lucky SixWater to WineWaitnig for the LightSummer Chair LoveSmall SignsSkip HappyRed OKRecline BlindMemory in BlueLife SignsLetters to YouLeft AloneHong KongHold TightHis Heart ConditionHiding ShyAlone TogetherBoxed InForbiddenGive Me a SignHer GuardianHis Guard


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Experiments in Sight

DudeHer LanguageHim KezarRefreshSchool ChairTogetherCity BardotDiner TedJudah CrossingJudah HousesKelly's Green HatLawn LunchMr CameoPink BathroomRed ChairSunday OptimismSunset SunBrad DadWork ShoesYoga HomeApartment Seats


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BeliefOn Her WayBlue Fire CatBus ThoughtsChild SpinConcentrationDaybreakDeterminationFishy FishIce PickiFoldLong HorizanMaganta AudienceMy JonnyNot Bruno's LipsOn The DivisRecessReflectionsRock StarSmallSmokeSoft Yellow CouchSquare GlanceSun ShoesSwirl GrillWatergreenWater PearWindow Gaze


This page features the art work of Melisa e. Phillips

Melisa's work has been shown in cities throughout California, including
Sacramento and San Francisco, and is owned by collectors across the country.

Some of Melisa's paintings are available for sale or display, please contact Melisa for details.



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