thick paint .com title painting archives art by melisa e. phillips
on her way window gaze bus thoughts my johnny child spin sun shoes on the divis i fold
soft yellow couch
rock star smoke determination water green reflections not bruno's lips swirl grill
day break
blue fire cat recess fishy fish magenta audience long horizons soft  
water pear concentration ice pick belief small square glance  

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This page features the art work of painter Melisa e. Phillips.

Melisa's paintings have been shown in cities throughout
California including: Sacramento, and San Francisco.

Please go to the events page for details on Melisa's current painting exhibits.

Some of Melisa's paintings are available for sale or display, please contact Melisa for details.



The image of this painting is © Copyright, Melisa e. Phillips, All rights reserved
Please do not use this image without permission from Melisa, thank-you.

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